Thursday, January 22, 2015

I'm Still Here I Swear

After many months of being overwhelmingly busy and therefore unable to do the things I actually want to do (aka thinking about art and books and fashion and decor and writing about it on here), I finally have a reason to sit back and do only the things I want to do.

I got my wisdom teeth out.

And y'know what I dreamt of in my drugged up, post-anesthesia, face bleeding state? BLUE VELVET SOFAS. A couple weeks ago I saw the single most awesome sofa I have ever seen, while wandering around one of my favorite little stores in town. It was tufted, it was velvet, it was the perfect blend of navy and cobalt, and I NEEDED it. Obviously, I immediately pulled my mom over and started into a speech about how "since we're redecorating the family room and the library couldn't we also do the living room? and if we could, couldn't we also plan that redecoration around this undeniably fabulous sofa?" To my complete and utter surprise my whimsical, but admittedly occasionally traditional, mother agreed with my sentiments and fangirled just as hard over the sofa!

We asked the shop owner what the deal was with the sofa (essentially did it have a loving home to go to because we definitely could be that home) and sadly it wasn't actually on sale yet. Though I don't have it in my clutches, I've been thinking about that sofa ever since and have thus spent countless hours finding inspiration for a room that it could live in. We're hoping to make our old living room into a chic music room for my dad (but that my mom and I can really use show off our cool design skillz) which means we could go any number of directions with the style of the space surrounding the sofa.

Here's what we're working with so far:

Since it's a music room, we could go a little more bohemian, pairing the sofa with warm leathers and tons of vibrant prints, layering in wood and gold accents:

Or, similarly, we could go with a whimsical traditional theme, bright patterns over traditional shapes and classic lines:

Finally, we could do a chic and modern style with fun texture, and colors in icy blues and grays, plus lots of goooooold:

Personally I'm quite partial to the bohemian look because what's a music room without plushy, printed floor pillows to sit on and mournfully play guitar? Either way, I'm just hoping we'll be able to get our hands on this beautiful baby soon and finally revamp this room!