Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nate Berkus Has a Pretty Cool House

So I'm an admitted HGTV addict. I could watch pretty much anything on that channel for a year and still be happy to continue watching, especially anything more focused on the design aspects of home and garden. I've been a huge fan of HGTV Design Star for a few years now, but my latest obsession is Nate Berkus' new American Dream Builders show on NBC. Not only does this show display some amazing design, but all the contestants involved in the competition are already big names in the industry, meaning they've already got some seriously impressive experience under their belt (aka we're talking GORGEOUS home re-models here, people).

I've also been a fan of Nate Berkus since his Target collab days began so I was pretty excited to here that he was a part of the esteemed judges panel for Dream Builders. Obviously all of this means that I freaked out a little when Rue posted this article featuring Berkus' glorious LA home. His style is incredibly distinct, dark and masculine with a unique mix of worn and glamorous details. I love the careful architectural executions of the home and the fact that while everything seems perfectly curated and placed throughout the space, it feels welcoming and comfortable at the same time.

Ugh Nate Berkus just be my friend and decorate beautiful homes with me:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Crop Tops and Neon and Rompers Oh My! Coachella is Here!

Though I'm not a huge music festival goer (extensive periods of sun exposure and general lack of funds tend to hold me back), I absolutely love stalking their street style pics to find summer fashion inspiration. Festivals like Coachella tend to bring out all the craziest out fit combinations that celebrities and fashion darlings can come up with making it an awesome place to find ideas for how to stand out once warmer weather finally hits.

This year I noticed lots of print mixing, 90's style sundresses, bright bright colors, rompers, and cut outs (plus the obligatory handful of overalls). While this stuff might not be too practical for your corporate summer job, it's definitely a great way to find something awesome to wear to have a little fun on your days off.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Has Sprung (almost)

At long last we've finally seen the sun following what feels like an entire year of a Polar Vortex ridden winter. This week the temperature rose above 50 (so warm!) and my mind immediately flew to the spring trends I've been DYING to wear but have been unable to as a result of the parka permanently attached to my body. While I know this warm front probably won't last as long as I hope, these trends won't be leaving my mind any time soon.

Crop Tops
Though they require very very careful execution, crop tops are still everywhere right now. Paired with a high waisted skirt to show a little sliver of skin, crop tops are both cooling (super handy for those unexpectedly hot spring days) and fashionable.

When will layers ever not be in? For spring I love layering a light jacket or long sleeves on top of shorts or a skirt. It keeps you warm for the cool spring morning, it's easy to remove later on, and the balance between less skin showing on top and more on bottom always works out well.

Statement Pants
In the world of fashion everything can be a "statement" something. Right now, It's pants. And I don't hate it. I've got a pair of awesome silk pants from H&M that have been calling my name all week. Once the temperatures are officially on the rise, find yourself some crazy looking pants and rock them all the way through the summer.

Mini-Dresses and Sky High Heels
Yet another trend that never goes out of style, mini-dresses, especially those with a higher neckline, are always awesome. Paired with some chunky, towering heels this look makes your legs go on forever and it's absolutely perfect for the warmer weather.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fighting the Photoshop Battle

I recently saw this post on Upworthy about a picture that Lorde found of one of her latest performances that was obviously edited to adjust the appearance of her skin. The singer then tweeted the photoshopped image alongside an un-edited picture from the same day to show what she really looked like on stage.

I'm a huge fan of photoshop as a creative medium; it's a fantastic way to put together digital designs or edit the lighting or focus of a photo. But so frequently the media abuses this awesome tool to alter the appearance of women to promote a physically unattainable standard. It's one thing to adjust the lighting or focus of a photograph, but quite another to completely change the appearance of the person in question. Though I love fashion magazines, they are often the culprit behind these nipped waists and smoothed skin-tones, and I find myself constantly upset by many of the images they publish. At what point did we begin to think it makes sense to make already beautiful people look more like this "beauty ideal"? Comedian and Girl Code contributor Jessimae Peluso put it well when she pointed out that these celebrities and models don't even look like the final image! Oftentimes, in the worst of photoshop errors, they fail to look even human in the final, edited photograph.

Lorde's tweet, though short and sweet, is something that I find to be really impressive, especially because so many obvious photoshop errors are made every day in magazines and across the web that go unmentioned (her small act of defiance even prompted the creation of an inspiring, accepting playlist). Body image among adolescent girls has become so insanely distorted in large part as a result of this false portrayal of the female body in the media. Even something as small as Lorde's recognition of editing done to her un-even skin tone can make the difference in how young women view their own bodies.

What we need now in order to counteract this effect of altering the portrayal of women's bodies in the media is this influence (no matter if it's through major statements or minor tweets) of people in this spotlight, the very women whose bodies are being changed before they are shown to the world. Women like Lorde and Adele, Lena Dunham and Zooey Deschanel are making such a difference by pointing out failures in the presentation of women in the media. With encouraging words and brave actions, women like these, the very victims of these crazy photoshop incidents, are helping to bring to light the effects of such digital alterations. We need to listen to these voices and encourage the contribution of others, because it's true, the girl in the magazine doesn't look like the girl in the magazine and what's more important is that you should look like you, not anyone else.