Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Currently Obsessing Over...

Erdem Resort '14

I will always and forever be a massive fan of Erdem, but this collection is just AMAZING. The clean lines, the blend of masculine and feminine, the smattering of florals with neon touches. The white gown even looks a little Jason Wu, which I absolutely love as well. I'll be dreaming about this collection for a while, I guarantee it.

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Levo Leauge

I just discovered this website after watching a video about it's co-founder on Refinery29. I'm fairly certain it was made for me, or at the very least definitely made for young women like me. The site is all about inspiring women and girls to succeed in the workplace, connecting users with mentors, and providing job opportunities. It's filled with advice, drive, and amazing, successful women. 

Photo from: Levo League

Mister Epic Mann

It started with the "How Animals Eat Their Food" video... And now I just can't stop watching. I honestly don't know what it is, but, essentially, every one of his videos is so insanely ridiculous that you can't help but laugh and re-watch and laugh and re-watch. I love it.

This Herschel Supply Co. Backpack from Madewell

I've been searching for a cute, but practical, backpack to use in Paris since I got home from school. I've got weird, sensitive joints and general back issues so the thought of carrying around a heavy purse was beginning to sincerely stress me out. I'm also a horribly picky shopper, especially when I have something specific I'm looking for, so the search didn't start off in a great way. BUT THEN, I walked into Madewell just hoping to find a cute skirt (which of course I did) and discovered this beauty, one of two left, in the back of the store. The army green color offsets the preppy polka dots and the leather zipper pulls make it seem like more than just a backpack. It's everything I wanted and more.

Photo from: Madewell

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