Monday, July 22, 2013

Club Monaco Fall 2013

It's been a wonderful and relaxing couple of days at home doing nothing but sleeping, P90X-ing the Parisian bread and cheese away, and catching up on online TV. But alas it's time to get back to the real world AND TALK ABOUT HOW GREAT CLUB MONACO'S FALL LOOKBOOK IS.

It's no secret that I think fall is the best season for so many reasons and as I struggle through this far too hot, far too humid summer all I can think about is fall fashion. I mean just LOOK at this stuff, it's the perfect combination of neutrals and prints with that random, glorious royal blue coat thrown in for good measure. It's these ankle boots, the fur, the black, the OVERALLS (which I think are super awesome but still don't know how to wear them), the edgy prep, the miniskirts, and the skinny trousers that are floating through my heat stroke dreams as I anxiously wait for cooler temperatures.

How perfect is every single one of these looks for that weird sort of cold sort of warm october weather? Club Monaco has clearly mastered the early fall layering outfit and is showing it off in their Fall 2013 collection. And also, I want to buy all of it, move to northern Canada, and wear it immediately.

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