Sunday, July 28, 2013

Looking Into Other People's Lives

I am both an avid reader and an Internet enthusiast, and for that reason I'm always looking for something new, exciting, or interesting to read on the world wide web. Sure, the bright screen and inability to hold the text in my hands kind of stresses me out, but if I want the latest and greatest it's gotta be off the internet.
I read a lot of blogs, like a lot of blogs (my "Other Bookmarks" tab is approximately 5 miles long), especially those that are written about fashion or interior design. But what I look for in a good blog aren't necessarily the typical OOTD posts or random collections of images from another blog without explanation, that's the stuff Tumblr was made for. What I look for are the blogs that show the writer's voice (or voices if there's more than one writer, which honestly a lot of the good ones have). If you're going to post a bunch of pictures of what you wore today, tell me about it! Because I really do want to know about it! I LOVE reading about other people's lives, especially in their own voices. This is why I'm so excited about the blog, Forty Days of Dating.
Forty Days of Dating is a blog created by two friends, Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman, who got tired of the single life and decided to try dating each other for 40 days straight just to see what would happen. The results are fantastic. After every date they each answer a series of questions that remain the same for the entire project, things like "Did you see Jessica today?", "What'd y'all do together?", "Did anything interesting happen?" and so on. I've only read up to day 7 and I can already see that this is an amazing project that I am definitely addicted to.

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