Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I've always loved journaling. The writing, the notebooks, the gel pens, I love it. Recently, what with the influx of Project Life photos on Pinterest I've started getting even more interested in writing more regularly. I think the concept of documenting your experiences, even the most mundane ones, like you can with something like Project Life is absolutely wonderful.

Another popular journaling form that I've noticed growing online is the calendar journal. Be it in a handmade calendar out of a sketchbook or an index card system, calendar journaling involves writing down your daily life and organizing it in a beautiful way.

While I have yet to find the time and/or stamina to start any of these things, I desperately want to. I have a pretty terrible memory and love writing about my day as a way to wind down before bed so it's pretty much ideal for my journaling needs. Before moving up to the expert level of making my own calendars and accumulating a million dollars of Project Life stuff, I'm beginning with the simple act of writing down 5 things from my day at the end of the day. Good, bad, memorable, or boring, I'm writing down 5 things to remember. Eventually I'll hopefully find a store of overwhelming creative juices and turn these little journals into big, colorful, ticket stub and photograph ridden journals.

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