Monday, April 29, 2013

White Out

It's officially summer for me and with summer comes the rise in maxi skirts, neon, denim cut-offs, and, of course, the LWD (little white dress).

The LWD trend is a relatively recent phenomenon that can go one of two ways; either you run the risk of looking like a ghost and or hippie in a peasant shirt, or you run the risk of looking absolutely fabulous. As someone with incredibly fair skin, I'm talking FAIR here, people, I've been paying very close attention to how best to attempt this trend without blending into the equally pale fabric. I've discovered that the best way to pull this off is to actually not wear a LWD, but rather a LWO (a new acronym I'm trying out, that will definitely not take off, but that stands for Little White Outfit). Instead of a plain white dress, layer a bunch of white pieces together. This allows for a combination of shapes and textures that a typical LWD simply can't have.

Photo from: Because I'm Addicted

Photo from: Tumblr

Photo From: Fashion Toast

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