Friday, May 3, 2013


Can we talk about Carey Mulligan for a second? She's absurdly beautiful, incredibly talented, and about to come out with a new (and highly anticipated) movie. The Great Gatsby's premier is almost here and while I love the story and I especially love Baz Luhrmann, what I'm most excited about is the clothes. Luhrmann's work is always big, bright, and beautiful but he maintains a consciousness for the littlest details, especially in costumes.

With collaboration from Muccia Prada, the fashion in the movie is historically accurate yet applicable to current trends, something I find incredibly enticing. In addition to the gloriousness that are the costumes for the film, Carey Mulligan herself has been photographed for everything from American Vogue to Harper's Bazaar UK.

Vogue addressed more of the clothes that Daisy Buchanan might wear were she given a choice of modern designers today, putting her into scenes much like those from the movie. However, I'm personally more partial to the Harper's Bazaar article in which Mulligan's pictured wearing pastel Fendi, Bottega Veneta, and Erdem. While still classically beautiful, the editorial has a simpler, sweeter, and more current feeling that's so opposite from Luhrmann's elaborate picture, yet it falls in so well with the coverage of the film. I don't know what it is about the styling, or the photography, or Mulligan herself, but I'm falling in love with this actress all over again!

Photos from: The Blonde Journal

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