Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Wish-List

Here are a few of the things that I have my eye on this winter.

First, I've been longing for a weekender bag for sometime now. Literally just a medium/large bag that I can carry stuff in when I go home with friends from school or take weekend trips to Chicago or Canada. The decision between "will this beat up roll-a-board be too much?" or "will this fake Longchamp not be enough?" is driving me crazy and I've decided now is the time to end it. I fell in love with this gorgeous and functional gold dipped Baggu bag while casually flipping through a West Elm catalog when I was home for thanksgiving. It is now at the very top of my wish-list so I can stop carrying around unnecessary luggage.

Next up, I have a weird obsession with planners. There is a stack of every planner I've ever owned piled up in my closet simply because I just can't bear to let them go (and also probably because I'm a bit of a pack rat, but I really do like planners). Since I'll be needing one for the coming year, I figured why not put it on the Christmast List, right? I found this one on Etsy and immediately began to picture using it (this is how much I like planners). It's cute, funny, and handmade. It's perfect.

This one I specifically put on my list hoping my brother would get it for me because of our shared love for all things DailyGrace; The Camp Takota Movie. If you haven't hear of it, first of all do you even KNOW what Youtube is? second of all, go check out their website. It's a movie staring Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, and Hannah Hart, all very very funny Youtubers who I love and slightly obsess over. You can preorder it now (with bonus documentary video!!!!!) and I'm praying someone has already done so.

Finally, I already bought myself a spontaneous (and early) Christmas present on Cyber Monday from Bauble Bar because who can resist statement jewelry for 20% off?! I'm in love with both pieces I ordered and can't wait to wear them through the holiday season (and probably forever).

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