Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mid-Century Bohemian

I've always had more of a classic inclination when it comes to interior decor. Lots of soft, cream couches, icy blues and chocolate browns, warm throws and pillows; your basic nice looking, simple, and perpetually classic room. While I still definitely hold on to this aesthetic, I've been leaning towards a new look lately and I'm pretty excited about it.

It's a little trendy and a little bit of a throwback, but mid-century modern is all over the web right now and I'm totally loving it. Now, this current trend isn't your typical mid-century look, though Eames chairs are definitely running rampant on Pinterest. This increasingly popular style of design is something between mid-century modern and bohemian, combining modern lined furniture in black leather and warm wood with layered rugs and colorful prints. I love this combination of minimalist form with free flowing color, especially when paired with sprawling gallery walls and indoor plants. If you can't tell from the photo sources, this look is definitely Californian and while it's a true west coast style, I'll definitely be bringing it in to my future tiny New York apartment.

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