Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Crop Tops and Neon and Rompers Oh My! Coachella is Here!

Though I'm not a huge music festival goer (extensive periods of sun exposure and general lack of funds tend to hold me back), I absolutely love stalking their street style pics to find summer fashion inspiration. Festivals like Coachella tend to bring out all the craziest out fit combinations that celebrities and fashion darlings can come up with making it an awesome place to find ideas for how to stand out once warmer weather finally hits.

This year I noticed lots of print mixing, 90's style sundresses, bright bright colors, rompers, and cut outs (plus the obligatory handful of overalls). While this stuff might not be too practical for your corporate summer job, it's definitely a great way to find something awesome to wear to have a little fun on your days off.

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