Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Has Sprung (almost)

At long last we've finally seen the sun following what feels like an entire year of a Polar Vortex ridden winter. This week the temperature rose above 50 (so warm!) and my mind immediately flew to the spring trends I've been DYING to wear but have been unable to as a result of the parka permanently attached to my body. While I know this warm front probably won't last as long as I hope, these trends won't be leaving my mind any time soon.

Crop Tops
Though they require very very careful execution, crop tops are still everywhere right now. Paired with a high waisted skirt to show a little sliver of skin, crop tops are both cooling (super handy for those unexpectedly hot spring days) and fashionable.

When will layers ever not be in? For spring I love layering a light jacket or long sleeves on top of shorts or a skirt. It keeps you warm for the cool spring morning, it's easy to remove later on, and the balance between less skin showing on top and more on bottom always works out well.

Statement Pants
In the world of fashion everything can be a "statement" something. Right now, It's pants. And I don't hate it. I've got a pair of awesome silk pants from H&M that have been calling my name all week. Once the temperatures are officially on the rise, find yourself some crazy looking pants and rock them all the way through the summer.

Mini-Dresses and Sky High Heels
Yet another trend that never goes out of style, mini-dresses, especially those with a higher neckline, are always awesome. Paired with some chunky, towering heels this look makes your legs go on forever and it's absolutely perfect for the warmer weather.

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