Thursday, May 23, 2013

Nike ID x Liberty of London

Before I begin my rant, take a second to appreciate how glorious Nike and Liberty of London are as individual brands, now imagine them working together as one. DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW WONDERFUL THIS IS? I don't even like running but if I had a pair I'd run 8 miles with them every day of my life (minor exaggeration, I will say they would get way more use than my current sneakers). And don't even get me started on the hightops, they're the perfect combination of sporty and girly, I've already styled them with 5 different looks in my head. They work with everything from a summery sundress and denim jacket to cuffed jeans and a clean white t-shirt. I know I need these shoes to be added to my wardrobe. 

While I count how much money I've saved up for my sneaker fund, you can shop the collection here.

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